When a person has the gift of prophecy or healing through prayer they also suffer from sicknesses that are associated with this condition and also has to undergo training to become a prophet. These are usually accompanied by headaches, visions of various church gowns and doeks, izibhobo amahlabaukuzamula, etc.

Others come with the power of healing through prayer, healing through blessed water, healing through candles and healing through the use of iziwasho. The training to become a prophet varies in time legnth and involves cleansing through the the use of iziwasho, blessed water and prayer. During these time prayer and dedication through fasting is the most important thing that needs to be done as to communicate with isithunywa.

Various dreams manifest providing gudience over isithunywa and its the gowns, bedans and doeks it wants which will help you to communicate with it well and also aid in its growth and protection.

Through the consultations when training your able to separate the gowns for ukuprofetha and through the use of candles, water and even bibles and chains your able to do a consultation for a patient through isithunywa. Once you start with the prayer pleading with god and your messenger to communicate through the ailements withing the patient your then able to do a divination for patient. Visions usually happen whilst praying, looking into the water you just blessed and the light candles.

From there you can see the patients life infolding before your very eyes.

abalozi signs

Depending on the messenger, for others when they close their eyes they can see whats happening in the patients life and then speak what they see.

Once your done with the divination the messenger then tells you how you can heal that patient wether its through just prayer or the use of iziwasho specific to that condition that the patient had come for. These iziwasho vary for being used to enlighten dreams, bring luck, chase away evil spitits or to help ease physical and spiritual illnesses. During the process of initiation for the measenger isithunywa there is a ceremonies that are held as per instruction of the messenger which include izishiso ditshisoiziguqo, ukukhuphula amajazi process of wearing a particular gownetc.

Voice of trauma, Voice of Spirits

These are all dependent on the instruction of the messenger as it dictates how it wants things done. Iladi is the place of prayer and consultation where the new initiate will conduct consultations and prayers. The iladi is erected through prayer and annointments pleasing the messenger of the initiate after having cleansed the umsamo or room where the iladi will be erected. Idlozi nesithunywa If a person has both idloti and isithunywa the two are merged and introduced to eachother as to avoid conflict within these two ancestors.

During a consultation the initiate will be able to determine if that patient needs to be healed through prayer or the use of ancestors and muthi. The power of prayer is always more powerfull than the power of ancestors depending on the gift that particular person has and the basis of it all is that god is the supreme power we pray upon to when healing or divining for a patient.

He is the one who created all that is on this earth and the heavens. Uma ugobela engasebenzi ngesithunywa kanti uhlanya has both isithunywa nedlozi kwenziwanjani? Pages Home. Sunday, 11 August Ubuphrophetho nesiThunywa. Ubuphropheto is the gift of healing through prayer and the use of water. Labels: amacandleladiviningijaziiladiisithunywaisiwashoukuthandazawater. Snethemba 10 October at Note: only a member of this blog may post a comment. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Understanding Ukuthwasa And African Healing

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Social media has been abuzz in the last few months over celebrities who announce that they are becoming initiates of traditional healing, a process known as ukuthwasa.

The latest one is Mshoza, who announced on Instagram that she was in an initiation process. The Daily Vox breaks down ukuthwasa, traditional healing, and psychology. Ukuthwasa initiation is a process undergone by someone who has ubizo calling from their ancestors to become a healer.

It has existed for centuries in the African community. The calling is understood to come from the deceased ancestors who might have been healers themselves. Unlike the Western tradition, where anyone who has a desire to become a doctor can pursue medical studies and graduate, ukuthwasa is not just for anyone. But, those who undergo this process are considered to be gifted by their ancestors, who need to accept and embrace their healing powers. The experience varies.

Since South African celebrities, including musicians and actors are becoming traditional healers, social media has been awash with mocking comments, some saying that ukuthwasa has somehow become fashionable.

Doa untuk orang zalim

Some people become amathwasa due to ancestral issues, which require them to perform certain rituals. Among these are the people who might be experiencing difficulties in life, such as losing valuable belongings and their loved ones.

Some of the recent initiates who made public announcements include intellectuals and academics, which is helping to challenge common myths and stereotypes that traditional healing is only for poor and uneducated people.

This is due to many unreliable and untrustworthy fake sangomas who defraud people of millions worth of money while promising them enrichment.

Modernity, spirituality and tradition: My ancestors are my force of belief. In the olden days, people used to walk or drive long distances to consult with sangomas.

Now, they have access, at the tip of their fingers, to techno-savvy sangomas or izinyanga healers who are available on social networks. Many of traditional healers engage with people on Facebook and Twitter. Dr Mkhize is one of the spiritualists who have taken traditional healing practice to the next level. According to him people need someone relevant to consult and address their issues. Traditional healing has been a common practice for centuries, with many Africans from different socioeconomic backgrounds turning to healers with various health care problems.

After colonisation, many people now turn to Western methods instead, and specialists in psychological and emotional problems. The University of KwaZulu-Natal has introduced an Advanced Topics in African psychology class, which seeks to provide an African perspective on the question of psychology. Dr Mkhize explained how many people approach psychologists seeking help but only to find that they need African traditional healing.

However, he also explained that there are those who suffer from both physical and psychological issues, and as a traditional healer one can heal the physical part but would need to refer the person to a psychologist for illnesses such as depression. This is how African traditional healing and Western-style psychology are integrated.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Friday, April 10, The Daily Vox. Home Education. Important Resources For The Lockdown.

All National Elections student leader. Capitalism Realised, Not Idealised. Woman As Citizen — As Forgotten. Can It Ever Revive? Explainer Fascination Identity. The Credo Mutwa Village set in the grounds of the Ernest Oppenheimer Park, is an outdoor museum with extraordinary sculptures and buildings created by African artist and traditional healer Credo Mutwa. Please enter your comment!Good day,Uma ulishaya do you speak to your ancestors if so,uthini?

Lolu khamba uyageza ngalo,do you purge or? Thank you. Nginamaphupho amaningi,futhi wonke ayenzeka njengoba ngiwaphuphile ,ngitsheliwe kaningi ukuthi nginesithunywa kumele ngisebenze abantu kepha angazi ngenze kanjani.

Sanibona Mina ngicela ukubuza ukuthi ubona ngani kuthi kufanele udle oblong. Ukubhodla okungapheli,ukugcwala umoya esiswini,angikhulumike uma seliziphumela igwebu abantu bakho basuke sebephezulu sebelifuna ngempela. Thokozani omkhulu nabogogo, ngicela usizo Nami kini ngiyafisa Makhulu, mina ngiphiwe konke ukuba umngoma uprofeti but into zami azihambi kahlengahamba ngayothwasa ngashiya ngoba bekuya, nabo bathi Mina angithwasiswa so yikho ngashiyaso bengicla advice nje ukuthi ngiyenze njani ngoba angisa phuphi angisayiboni indlelaabanye abafuna akungithathela isiphiwe bengicela ma ukukhona ofisa ukungibonisa ukuthi ngizikhuphulewhatsppp number Ngiyabonga ngegobonga zokuphakamisa isithunywa, isikalo singakanani?

Red wine you pour the whole bottle? Please advise ngama measurements. Amen Nami ngingomunye imali kobubili ubungoma nesithunywa, kanjalo nami ngiveviki legibili ngibuyile ephehlweni, kuvela ukuthi angiphathwangiphume ngihambengihambile ke kodwa kumnyama nje akufani nanoma bengingena ephehlweni.

Please assist I started fainting when I was a child at school. But of late I started not to sleep at night after a month it felt like there's something stringing me on my neck.

5 Top Performing African Medicinal Herbs

My life has changed been in an out from hospitals. Someday I'm dizzy some day my knees are sore and some my feet and always feel bloated plz help. Post a Comment. Igobongo Lokukhuphula Isthunywa. July 12, Ukukhuphula isthunywa differs for each individual and their isithunywa.

For some its just a matter of consistent fasting and prayer and a few offerings amaladi and isithunywa is appeased and ready to work. However some are not so lucky We need to understand that izithunywa and amadlozi mature at different speeds and levels hence for some it is an absolute necessity to have igobongo lesthunywa to assist in the process of of ukukhuphula isithunywa. So this post is for those individuals who need ukukhuphula isithunywa.

Iphamba elimhlophe 2. Isiwasho esigreen 3. Isiwasho esipurple 4. Vuka 5. Isiwasho esiblue 6.The calling to be a Sangoma or shaman is believed to come from various ancestor spirits and your direct ancestor spirits.

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I want to write very briefly here about the various kinds of spirits that can be part of a shamanic calling and become your guides or possess you as you do the work of the ancestors. In the Southern African Traditions your direct family ancestors will call you to be a healer. It may be the spirit of a deceased ancestor who worked as a healer before they passed on and want you to become a healer. In West African Traditions like Yoruba, one will be diagnosed with a spirit sickness or calling through an oracle and you will be carefully observed to see which Orisha or nature spirit manifests it characters through you.

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You will then become a healer trained to work with the spirit of that Orisha i. Ogun or Yemanya. You can read more about this in the previous article I posted on Thokoza Sangomas. Basically what this means is that a spirit whom your ancestors were in conflict with or harmed, can possess you and call you so that you can facilitate a resolve to the conflict in your work as a healer.

Thus you, as part of this generation, can be called to be a healer of this conflict. This is how I came to be initiated.

When I became sick it was diagnosed as a sign of a calling to become a healer and be part of the reconciliation between people and healing of old wounds. In addition my great grandmother in the same lineage as the previous ancestor, was a farmer and medicine woman who worked with herbs.

5 Top Performing African Medicinal Herbs

So in a way she was an Inyanga. As white people in Africa nowadays we do not have specific means of initiation or becoming a healer, other than Christianity or some of us may remember our Celtic or Pagan roots so we take on the traditions of the foreign spirits that call us. In the end we all share a common ancestor that originated in Africa. Some of the Ancestor spirits : The information below may not be very clear, but it is not formally recorded much other than by oral tradition, and I am still trying to get a full picture from the various explanations I have been told.

Inzunza: This is the water spirit that inhabits dams, oceans, rivers etc.

abalozi signs

They serve as guardians of the water world which is one of the gates to the spiritual world. These ancestors are very powerful and usually show themselves through dreams. Sometimes confused with Ngernza. Indiki umndiki : the spirit of a person that passed away through violence. This spirits roams the earth as they cannot enter the afterlife due to the blood they have over them. Once it has been cleansed it is entered into the spiritual world through the river and reunites with family, and then forms part of the ancestors that are healers.

These ancestors are linked to the Abalozi ancestors whistling ancestors and they sometimes tell a person to go to the river and come back with a python. They originate from Mozambique, Malawi and Swaziland. Their healers mainly use ukufemba as their medium of healing.

The Abalozi, the Spiritualist and the Teacher

They are also seen as great and ancient ancestor spirits by some and to be higher than the Nguni. Very insightful indeed, I love history of any kind and so I appreciate a peace like this. Ndawu Gigi.

Like Like. Some genuinely wonderful work on behalf of the owner of this internet siteabsolutely outstanding content material. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.MaMjoli may l have yo contact detailswould like to share more insight on this matter.

MaMjoli khawubhale lento ngesiXhosa okanye isiZulu but if isiBhaca bayakwazi ukusifunda uyibhale ngaso.

abalozi signs

Then take it to Department of Arts and Culture and ask them to publish it. I'm also writing a book about amaHlubi, as I am a Hlubi but married maMjoli. Wow tha is good we have to start investing in our language. Sizokwati ukukhula nathsi njengohlanga olukhona futhsi olutimele.

Kuyangicaaula ukubona abafowethu betekha amaZulu noma amaxhosa ngenxa yokuhlumeteka kolwin lethu nokunganakwa uhumeni. I have been trying to fight this battleby shouting to those in front of usbut the voice of my sound was too low no one head methank you to the author of this, what i specifically recognize as a book of our culture as bhala peoplei would like to meet you one day because i also have lot of things in my mind about our cultureif it is possible please send me email on stu.

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Man I propose we stand up for our nations. I'm a proud Hlubi by birth and would like us as endangered nations like Bhaca, Hlubi and Mpondo to stand up. Lets write books in a language that will be understood by all of our people, be it is isiZulu or isiXhosa but add isiBhaca. I'm in process of writing about isiHlubi culture but writing it isiXhosa which is a common language my side of EC. Lets do it! Ewuu yaze yayinhle lento engiyibonayo ke namhlanje, ngiyethemba bonke laba abanye abafwethu noodadewethu nesizukulwana esizayo abasasithekile ngomlando wethu thina maBhaca bazofunda lukhulu la.

Siyaziqhenya ngawe sisi singamaNMZ nendlu yakwaBhaca nje yonkana. MaMjoli khawubhale yonke lento intle kangaka ngesiXhosa uyiphe isihloko nokuba sesesiBhaca so that namaBhaca angasiqondiyo isiNgesi akwazi ukuyifunda.

I am a Hlubi. I'm in the process of writing a Hlubi book in isiXhosa entitled Amasiko nezithethe zamaHlubi asekhethu. It's people like us who need to uplift our forgotten nations. AmaBhaca is a nation not a tribe, as well as amaHlubi. Lets do it!!!Posted in Articles 0 Comments. Reason being that it has never been something taken as a special gift to those who happen to be the victims of it. Ukuthwasa and to be possessed by idlozi has been taken as something evil by its own people and even those who happened to be possessed have tried in many ways to escape from it by denying it.

Ukuthwasa is not something new, it has been there even during the times of our forefathers, the only difference now being that in the olden days or primitive times, it was more respected and was also properly done than it is happening today. Idlozi is an ithongo which possesses someone, and because it has now acted in this manner it gets called idlozi. Most of the African Healers have misunderstood this.

Besides this a person when at a particular age which is determined by the ancestors themselveswill start seeing some images in her sleeping, sometimes experiences some dreams, which might be like: snakes, big river with clear water, sometimes will see people wearing an African attire, especially that of the Healers and so on.

Other people get sick and become thin others too fat, which is really abnormal, and others suffers from certain deceases. There will be many misfortunes at home if the person is refusing and not responding to the calling — to an extent that they can even bring bad luck to the whole family.

When such symptoms are seen, there is nothing the family can do until the idlozi itself shows you where to go and be initiated. It is IsiNguni and Isindawe.

UMnono is not that well and much known in the Kwa-Zulu area hence it has become a huge problem for the African Healers in the area. They are the only people who clearly know and understand it. The UMnono takes much longer time than the other IsiNguni s pirits to mature.

It can take between 10 — 15 years because it does everything on its own and one must be a good reader of the dreams and images as they operate through you. Indiki is another confusing term.

It is completely different from Umndiki which is an ancestral spirit. Once consulted an African Healer uhlanyaand identify what it is and what needs to be done, sickness can come to stop immediately. Isithunywa comes in many forms. There is isithunywa that operates through herbs — impandethe other operates through water, the other through, a prayer all depending on what the gift is.

There are those who even mix both the prayer and the herbs- impande. There are people who heal through praying, others through water, others through herbs; it all depends on the type of isithunya that has possessed you.

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Once the whole process is completed they will now come or visit you and show you all the impande which you will be using during the healing process. These herbs — impande is a secret only for your healing practices. During this process the most important and critical thing is the amaphupho -dreams, which they use most of the time communicating with you. It is these dreams- amaphupho which your initiator- ugobela must listen to because they are telling you and him the direction to be taken.

Izinhlanya use different types of Indigenous Healing Technologies. There are those who use water, the candles, others bones- amathambo or izinhlolo, and others use amagona- small calabashes umndawe healers whilst others just rely on the ancestors who tells them everything without being assisted by any technology.

It is always the secret of the ancestors idlozi which indigenous technologies one will make use of during the healing and consultation process. A lot of confusion has been happening in our Traditional Healing especially in the usage of certain terminologies. The most wrongly used word is that of inyanga, which has now been used to refer to all healing people. Similarly with the word Isangoma, where it is used to refer to all people who are practicing African Healing and Spiritualism.

I feel it is our responsibility to correct this. Inyanga or izinyanga pl are the owners of impande.

abalozi signs

It is those people who used to practice healing and died, and now come back and give those who are practicing all the knowledge and secrets about impande. Izinyanga are the connectors between healing and impande spirits, and also between the living healing practitioners and the spiritual- isithunywa.I just read about the ancestral signs and I have 5 of those, whats the next step? What d I need to do? Please help. Hello Gogo, I have these symptoms, the first time, I woke in the night and saw a huge spirit spider floating in the air, coming towards me, as soon as it saw i was seeing it turned back and went out of my room, I physically see things of light, especially sea creatures, floating in my room, I dream dreams of bieng attacked and I fly away and sometimes I'm bieng pulled down by some force.

I believe that a member of my family tried to steal my spirit thwebula;i was reciting davids paslm 23 from the bible, for no apparent reason, my body vibrating, and something felt like it was coming out of my forehead, but everytime it was coming out something was blocking itbut a week before this happened, i felt my brain literally expand,i was thinking and reading faster, i hardly slept, i was full of joy and love and in tune with nature, my whole body became flexible.

My mother sent me to ixhwele, when I arrived the initiates there where staring at me like they where sensing something from me and they washed me with mutis that where suppose to be painful, but i didn't feel a thing. I have a lot of intuition, at one point I felt like covering mirrors in my house, and held in my hands my iminqayi sticks, from when I was initiated to become a man, I drank some water and felt a lot of energy this was happening in the middle of the night all of a sudden I had a speaker in the streets saying theres a misssing child and his name is Zululiyazongoma so peole must come out, after a while when that speaker stopped i ran out of the house in the middle of the night, and my family mother and sisters was chasing after me, and as i was running south, the where a group of men holding sticks similar to mine and women, blocking me.

They chased me and held me down dragged me home. The story goes on about these strange events even after I was admitted to a mental institution, where some patients where reffering to me as uZulu and uManzini of the water. Can you explain to me the meaning of these events, am I suppose to answer a calling. Thank you gogo for your reply, I also never accepted that I'm mentally ill, even now I'm not on any medication and I feel fine.

I dreamed once of impepho, and i use in now, to rid of negetive ernegy, i often dream of traditional herbs, I think myabe I have to cleanse myself some how. I no longer attend church or any religious gathering, for when I hear the songs or preaching, I get these vibrations that go through my body, plus I have a lot of questions about the judeo-christian faith, although I believe in a creator. If you may, I would like you to differentiate for me between an Ighira or Sangoma and Isanuse which I think is an eclectic deviner.

Camagu Gogo. Thokoza Gogo What does it mean if one dreams of snakes, with different colors?

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The head is green and the body is yellow. Fewer months back i had a dream and bengi phakathi emanzini. I have terrible headache too and it never stops.

Im short tempered and dont like who i have become.

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