I tried to implement in the method given in FAQ. But it gave me an error i was really frustrated with all those errors and i deleted that program. So i am trying to implement in the way in which i started.

SCJP 1. Help with java mail. Jaidev Arer. As an individual class with main it worked good. But i removed the main part of that program and made that as the function so that i can call that by passing the arguments. NoSuchProviderException: No provider for smtps error.

TO, new InternetAddress email ; transport. TO ; transport. Ulf Dittmer. Paul Clapham. I like But presumably you modified your code based on what you read in the FAQ? If not, then you should. But now notice that we can't see the code you are asking about. Nor, for that matter, do we know what problem you are now having. Backtracked to my code posted above, getting the same error. NoSuchProviderException: No provider for smtps What exactly it means " No provider for smtps" i have included all the jars.

What do you mean by "backtracked" - that you're now again using the code you posted above? What was the result of you reading and implementing the FAQ entry I pointed you to?

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NoSuchProviderException: No provider for smtps this exception raises? Can someone please explain this? So now you're using code that you KNOW does not work, because you couldn't understand the code that purportedly does work? Did it occur to you to try and track down the problem whichever that was you had with that code? I would like to know why its throwing that error.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Is it possible to send an email from my Java application using a GMail account? I have configured my company mail server with Java app to send email, but that's not going to cut it when I distribute the application.

Answers with any of using Hotmail, Yahoo or GMail are acceptable. Naturally, you'll want to do more in the catch blocks than print the stack trace as I did in the example code above. Remove the catch blocks to see which method calls from the JavaMail API throw exceptions so you can better see how to properly handle them.

Thanks to jodonnel and everyone else who answered. Other people have good answers above, but I wanted to add a note on my experience here. The emails I was sending were not spam, but were website "welcome" emails when users registered with my system. If you're sending email on a user's behalf, like an installed desktop app where the user enters their own Gmail credentialsyou may be okay.

All later uses of the default instance will ignore property changes.

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This would allow you to send out via normal SMTP through the gmail servers. Here's an easy-to-use class for sending emails with Gmail. You need to have the JavaMail library added to your build path or just use Maven. Learn more. Ask Question.

gmail java app jar

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Active Oldest Votes. Here's a full working example using GMail. See Configuring other mail clients for details. Am I the only one who gets AuthenticationFailedException here props.It's slower?

Once installed on your mobile device, you're just a click or two away from the messages in your Gmail inbox. Send an email from your mobile device and you'll find it in the 'Sent Mail' folder on your PC. Simply click on the search menu option and input your query. And so faster? I compared this version with the previous version. That page compares Google Mobile application with the mobile site m. Obviously, the mobile site requires more clicks and it's not that user-friendly.

Unfortunately it's not out for the Blackberry e yet Yes, it's not available for Blackberry. The direct links let you download a generic version that might not work well on any mobile phone. How to take screenshots on a phone you don't have a camera or another phone?

JavaMail API – Sending email via Gmail SMTP example

It would literally take you 15 seconds to add the correct user agent. I just LOVE the gmail java application. I used to travel a lot to beach or my farm and I couldnt get internet there And even, I could see some pictures.

It's a pitty that the new version is slower. Btw, has someone checked that Yahoo! Can someone please link the Treo JVM. Unable to hotsync. It would be great if they would support their Apps for Domains users with their mobile apps. I'm tired of using a website to check e-mail, when a perfectly good application is a short amount of coding away from being compatible. I agree performance seems to be worse for the new app. There is also still no support for attachments from my phone such as photos I take.

As for versions, it depends on which language you choose : in english it's 1. Well, I mentioned it's available only in English, but I didn't realize that Google redirects to an older version in some countries.Does not yet work with Hosted accounts.

The display and navigation is much better than the alternative Gmail Mobile in the browser - m. The answer is KB. Here's the direct link to the jar file, in case you want to download it onto your computer and send it to the phone.

I was thinking of purchasing a BBerry. I have trouble getting it to run on my V, I get a "certificate not valid" error. It works on my E70, but its not really designed well for landscape mode as the labels for what the buttons do eg menu, exit etc are not rotated meaning that one of the labels is not next to a button and the other one is next to the wrong button.

Otherwise works well. Thanks for the tip Movamail rocks. Fast and easy You may find something helpful on Google Groups.

Alex, and i think samsung sgh x does not allow to check Gmail Verisign Class 3 public certificate. Note: Not all phones allow you to check for this certificate. Regarding https, the Gmail application requires a secure connection in order to connect to the Gmail server. Great App!!! In Holland it works fine and fast. Very nice on holyday. It checks on command for mail :- Simple user interface. Not working with my hosted account mail.

Funny thing is that the app does not accept the first letter as Upper case in password field. Do they expect all passwords to be in lower case??? It was installed no problem. But After that I recieve this error : This program can't access Gmail until you grant it permission to send and receive data over the network.

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I tried every thing that I could maybe not I will be highly grateful to anyone who can help me with it Thankx in advance kasbaba. Works great with Samsung X, but got error message when trying to sign in on Samsung E midp2 too.Complete the steps described in the rest of this page to create a simple Java command-line application that makes requests to the Gmail API.

Enable the Gmail API.

gmail java app jar

Copy the credentials. Open the default build. Credential; import com. AuthorizationCodeInstalledApp; import com. LocalServerReceiver; import com. GoogleAuthorizationCodeFlow; import com. GoogleClientSecrets; import com. GoogleNetHttpTransport; import com. NetHttpTransport; import com.

JsonFactory; import com. JacksonFactory; import com. FileDataStoreFactory; import com. Gmail; import com. GmailScopes; import com. Label; import com. ListLabelsResponse; import java. FileNotFoundException; import java.

IOException; import java. InputStream; import java.

Java prog#pesadosmacka.siteil : transfer email using gmail SMTP :Download JavaMail API:Part1

InputStreamReader; import java. GeneralSecurityException; import java. Collections; import java. The sample will attempt to open a new window or tab in your default browser. If this fails, copy the URL from the console and manually open it in your browser. If you are not already logged into your Google account, you will be prompted to log in. If you are logged into multiple Google accounts, you will be asked to select one account to use for the authorization.

This section describes some common issues that you may encounter while attempting to run this quickstart and suggests possible solutions. The OAuth consent screen that is presented to the user may show the warning "This app isn't verified" if it is requesting scopes that provide access to sensitive user data. These applications must eventually go through the verification process to remove that warning and other limitations.

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. You need to supply your Google username and password.

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I tried this and Gmail sent the email used as username in this code an email saying that We recently blocked a sign-in attempt to your Google Account, and directed me to this support page: support. To provide a user friendly way of oAuth2 authentication, I made use of JavaFX, to display the following input dialog. The long answer - no, since the code relies on the presence of a SMTP server running on the local machine, and listening on port Now, MTAs are typically responsible for receiving mails from users for a particular domain.

So, for the domain gmail. I'm not sure if GMail trusts open mail relay servers, but it is certainly not an easy task to perform authentication on behalf on Google, and then relay mail to the GMail servers. If you intend to use your local machine, you'll need to perform either relaying or forwarding. You need a SMTP server for sending mails.

There are servers you can install locally on your own pc, or you can use one of the many online servers. One of the more known servers is Google's:. Notice the various ports and transport strategies which handle all the necessary properties for you.

It has been quite a while since this has been posted. But as of Nov 13, I can verify that port still works. Refer to GaryM's answer on this forum. I hope this helps few more people. Well, no, not without changing some parts since you're getting an error. You are currently trying to send mail via a SMTP server running on localhost but you aren't running any hence the ConnectException.

Where can I find some example programs that show how to use JavaMail? Q: Where can I find some example programs that show how to use JavaMail? A: There are many example programs included in the JavaMail download packageincluding simple command line programs illustrating various aspects of the JavaMail API, a Swing-based GUI application, a simple servlet-based application, and a complete web application using JSP pages and a tag library.

Try this out. Make sure that before send email u need to give the access for less secure app in your gmail account. So go to the following link and try out with this java code.

Activate gmail for less secure app. This is the full code for send email in java. I have put my working gmail java class up on pastebin for your review, pay special attention to the "startSessionWithTLS" method and you may be able adjust JavaMail to provide the same functionality.

Your code works, apart from setting up the connection with the SMTP server.

gmail java app jar

You need a running mail SMTP server to send you email for you. Here is your modified code. I commented out the parts that are not needed and changed the Session creation so it takes an Authenticator. I always do it like this using a remote SMTP server I know because running a local mailserver is not that trivial under Windows it's apparently quite easy under Linux.

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Indeed works and the exception that you're getting is may be due to the un open SMTP port By default the port number is As an engineer on the Gmail for mobile team, I use the Gmail client on my mobile phone all the time. Because of this, I'm always looking for ways to make it faster, more robust and easier to use.

Today, we're thrilled to introduce Gmail for mobile version 2.

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Our focus for this version was to make the experience faster and more reliable. We rearchitected the entire client to push all the processing to the background, greatly improve the client-side caching scheme and optimize every bottleneck piece of code we came across. So, what does this all mean for you? Overall performance improvement : You should experience significant raw speed improvement, smoother scrolling, and no freezing.

Multiple accounts management : If you have both a Gmail and Google Apps email account, you can easily switch between them quickly. You will no longer have to use two different mobile apps to access personal and work emails.

Multiple mobile email drafts : You can save multiple email drafts in your mobile phone, so that you can pick and choose what you would like to send later. Hit 'z' to undo, 'k' to go to a newer conversation, and 'j' to go to an older conversation. Basic offline support : Can't get a signal?

Not a problem. You can compose and read your most recent emails even when there is no signal. Also, any outgoing messages will be saved in the outbox on your phone and sent automatically when you're back in coverage. Also, Gmail for mobile 2. Please note, though, that not all features are available for all phones. Go to m. Ghad Arddhu said October 23, at AM. Brhlik said I think the changes are fantastic, but I've had some version of GMail 2.

Is this the same? Alpay Erturkmen said When's the GMail mobile site due an update? As a smartphone user, I'd love to see some of the desktop site's ajax-y goodness on the mobile version. I too have been running v2.

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